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Week 4 Post 2

Two websites I go to often are Topman- and


This is my current favorite clothing store, and one of the only retailers I actually enjoy choosing to shop online with. Their site is aesthetically pleasing and fun to surf. I am absolutely in love with their style, as it crosses between contemporary American and British. Since it is a UK based company I definitely find it to be a unique brand. Their quality is extremely nice, as well as their prices, and for it being considered fast fashion I find it to be a great/affordable option for everyday and dressy casual wear.
Their website is designed very well! I love the Topman logo at the top in the black bar. It makes it feel nice and somewhat luxurious, which immediately distinguishes it as a level above other retailers like Forever 21 or H&M. It attracts the consumer who cares more about the quality of their clothing. Their fashion photography is so good! As a photographer…

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